Our training curriculum takes into account the best-in-class, online, and practical aspects of learning the skills necessary for you to prepare for a job in cybersecurity.


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Our Accelerator

Our accelerator is the only free all-inclusive cybersecurity workforce development program with technical industry-standard certification training by CompTIA, including AI-based cybersecurity concept-driven games, Battle Rooms, and real-world scenario Missions, small group hands-on workshops with the industry experts, mentorship and study groups, as well as internship & apprenticeship opportunities, to truly prepare you for a job in cybersecurity, at a 70% faster rate than the traditional education path.

How it works

Our team truly cares about every student enrolled in the program. We care whether you are successful in gaining the necessary knowledge, pass the technical certification exam and that you will thrive in your new job. For that reason, we take you on a short journey to explore different paths, roles, and opportunities in the field. We want you to be certain about your choice before you dedicate your time and effort to this program.

With this program, we offer you as much information as possible up front, so you can self-evaluate, think about the available opportunities in the field, and the time & effort this program will require before you begin your journey.

Here are the 6 steps required to get you through the enrollment process:

  • 1. Submit your registration form (use the Apply HERE button on this page)
  • 2. Attend the cybersecurity careers overview information webinar
  • 3. Complete your DISC, Enneagram, Core Values, and Ideal Career Assessments
  • 4. Choose your path: Administrative or Technical
  • 5. Step through the technical knowledge evaluation (this is just to assess the level of existing knowledge for ease of placement in the class and not to disqualify you)
  • 6. Sign your education application and your enrollment is completed. You are ready to start the program!

Why We Do It

We are a team of passionate cybersecurity professionals believing that the cybersecurity field can provide an exciting and rewarding career for those interested in exploring the opportunities. This field is in dire need of more women. Right now, just 20 percent of security jobs are filled by women.

We tried to talk with intelligent, skilled people who could help close the workforce gap and we’ve learned that many want the training and accreditation needed to be a cybersecurity professional. The problem: too many barriers to entry, including concerns about the complexity, the time required, and – the biggest hurdle – the cost of training.

Now, Inteligenca has created the 100 Women in 100 Days program – to inspire, train, certify, mentor, and provide opportunities for those women wanting highly rewarding careers in cybersecurity. We are tech professionals. We know the challenges that face women and how to resolve them. We’ve hired trainers. We’ve designed fast-track workshops. Perhaps most important, already hundreds of women have gone through the training and are already enjoying their new jobs … and now, we are ready for even more people to join us.!

Our 2019 Classes

Attending California community college is a great choice!

Attending a California community college doubles an individual’s chance of finding a job compared to those who do not complete high school. In addition, students who obtain a degree or certificate from a California community college nearly double their earnings within three years, which puts them on track to earn a good living wage and be able to provide for themselves and their families

California community colleges are the largest provider of workforce training in the nation, making them a significant contributor to the state’s pipeline of talent for high-demand industries. In fact, there are more than 200 career training opportunities available at the 116 California community colleges statewide. Additionally, students can transfer to a four-year university or college with guaranteed junior status after completing two years at a community college.

Community colleges offer flexible scheduling and access to helpful resources allowing students to remain home or close to home. Support services are also available at community colleges to help with tutoring, counseling, career planning, and health and wellness. Additionally, financial aid is available year-round to help cover many of the costs for attending a community college.

Community college offers access to more than 200 career education programs and financial aid to help you reach your goals. Classes fill up quickly. Enroll today at ICanGoToCollege.com.

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