Cybersecurity Woman of the Year 2022

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Our Finalists 2022

Dr. Adriana Sanford is often described as having “the unique ability to speak to students, captains of industry, and academicians all in the same audience.” 


CSWY awards are tributes to female cybersecurity and privacy professionals leading our industry and making a difference through their work and dedication to a safer digital ecosystem.


Dr. Adriana Sanford is the recipient of the  Cybersecurity and Privacy Woman Law Professional - 2019 CSWY Award. She has provided the keynote addresses at some of the world’s top technology, IT, cyber, security, legal, and compliance industry conferences. She has also appeared regularly as an international television commentator on cybersecurity law and privacy-related issues to over 93 million viewers in the United States and Latin America. Her research focuses on global threats (including cyber threats), global privacy laws, and the multi-jurisdictional practice of law, where possible outcomes for a company's non-compliance create criminal liability and pose a physical danger for executives and their in-house counsel in foreign territories.


Her extensive experience addressing international organized crime and linking it to corporate fraud, bribery clubs, and other forms of business malfeasance spans a 20-year period.


It's time to celebrate!

Do you know an amazing woman in security who goes beyond what is expected and inspires all who cross her path? 

The women leading our industry - bringing innovation, inspiration, and talent development ideas into organizations around the world - deserve recognition for their contributions. We’re looking to you to help us pay tribute to female cybersecurity professionals making a difference with their work and dedication to a safer digital ecosystem.  

Take a look at the categories on the right to select a category that best describes your amazing woman leader, and submit her for a well deserved award.

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You can nominate your favorite cyber woman in the following categories: 

1. Cybersecurity Woman "Barrier Breaker" (nominee should be a woman with a legacy and record of developing research and/or products that have changed the industry)  

2. Cybersecurity Woman Influencer of the Year (a thought leader who has authored research, investigations, or legislation making in the cybersecurity industry)  

3. Cybersecurity Women Supporter of the Year (can be anyone with significant contributions to support women in cybersecurity)

4. Woman Cybersecurity Leader of the Year (demonstrates significant success in major cybersecurity initiatives)

5. Cybersecurity Woman Hacker of the Year (known for the outstanding performance in this role)

6. Cybersecurity or Privacy Woman Law Professional (demonstrates accomplishments related to cybersecurity and privacy law)

7. Cybersecurity Woman Volunteer of the Year (demonstrates outstanding diligence in their volunteer work dedicated to great causes in the cybersecurity field)

8. People's Choice Award 2022 (this is a popularity vote for a woman cybersecurity professional)

9. Cybersecurity Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 (demonstrates accomplishments being an entrepreneur in the cybersecurity field)

Our Selection Committee 2022

Sharon Halperin

Head of Enterprise Security and IT at Tinder


Christian Kameir

Managing Partner at Sustany Capital


Joanna Burkey

Chief Information Security Officer at HP


Jay Hira

Cyber Security Strategy and Transformation Director at EY


Mia Landsem

Ethical Hacker at Orange Cyberdefense


Richard Greenberg

Founder and CEO of Security Advisors LLC


Emi Kasahara

Director Data Privacy at Crypto


M.K. Palmore

Director - Office of the CISO at Google


Nacira Salvan

CISO at French Interior Ministry


Josef Schroefl

Deputy Director for Col Strategy & Defence at the Hybrid CoE


Laura Tich

Founder of SheHacks_KE


Louis Stewart

Head of Strategic Initiatives for the Developer Ecosystem at NVIDIA


Quratulann (Annie) Jamshed

Cyber Threat Intelligence Advisor at Schlumberger


Heide Young

Head of Cyber Security Strategy & Founding Partner of Women in Cyber Security Middle East


Nomination Process

  • The nominations window opens on May 9th and remains open until June 27th.
  • CSWY subcommittee reviews the nominations for qualifications between June 28th - July 2nd.
  • The selection committee (judges) will come together on July 3rd to select the top 3 candidates in each category.  
  • The top 3 selected nominees for all categories will be posted on our site on July 10th.  
  • The public will be able to vote for their top choices between July 11th and July 17th.  
  • The winners will be revealed at the CSWY 2022 Awards GALA in Las Vegas on August 9th.

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