8 Weeks CyberCru Explorer Program

Cybersecurity Career Awareness Workshop

Intro To Cybersecurity

Week 1| Intro to Cybersecurity Field (2-4 hours)

  • What are the different areas of the cybersecurity field?
  • Uncover different job categories and specific roles within those categories
  • Understand different career path opportunities

Exploring Technical Path

Week 2 | Exploring Technical Path (Interactive Roundtable Sessions with Industry Experts)

  • What does the SOC Analyst do?
  • What does the Security Engineer/ Architect do?
  • What does the Threat Hunter do?

Exploring Administrative Path

Week 3 | Exploring Administrative Path (Interactive Roundtable Sessions with Industry Experts)

  • What does the Cyber Project Manager do?
  • What does the Cyber Account Manager do?
  • What does the cyber marketing team do?

Cybersecurity Capture the Flag (CTF)

Week 4 | Cybersecurity Capture the Flag

A cybersecurity capture the flag is a fun team-based competition where you will be using the cybersecurity tools and techniques to find hidden clues or “flags”. The team that locates the most flags during the event wins.

So You Want to be a Hacker?

Week 5 | Let's hack the hardware demo

  • Intro to Fundamental Embedded Hardware Concepts
  • Non-Invasive Hardware Reverse Engineering
  • Bus Sniffing & Interface Analysis
  • Soldering & Desoldering

Meet the Hiring Manager

Week 7 | Meet the hiring manager

  • What does a hiring manager look for?
  • What skills and abilities you should be sharpening to prepare for a job in cybersecurity?
  • Why soft skills matter?
  • How to build relationships with people that can help you open the door to a job you desire?

What does it mean to be a cyber defender?

Week 6 | What does it mean to be a cyber defender?

  • The meaning of protecting and defending in the cyber world
  • Why are some people called cyber defense warriors?

What to do after this program is over to stay connected?

Week 8 | We got your interest, what is next?

  • The importance of mentorship
  • Finding opportunities to further skill up for a job in cyber
  • Ways to get into hands-on internship/ apprenticeship

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