We believe that knowing about what you are getting into before choosing your profession is the key to a long term professional satisfaction. We often hear people say: " If I knew what I know now, I would have never chosen this job as my career!"

This is exactly what we don't want for you. Our program helps you explore the cybersecurity field so you are aware of the opportunities, multiple choices of roles, and even those things that are less fun or repetitive. At the least, you will have a realistic expectation before heading down the path you may later regret.

We hope you will find the cybersecurity field so interesting that you will want to step into an internship that will cement your career decision. And perhaps you’ll find the field so boring that your internship will lead you to change your career plans. Either way, it is 100% better to find out the details about the job before you become a full-time employee.

This program will give you a chance to learn about what your job may be like, what job skills you need to get & thrive in the job, and how to build your professional network to get the perfect job.

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