Your road to success...

We designed this program specifically for you in high school, to give you the opportunity to evaluate and plan your employment futures, as well as expand your job-related skills and knowledge.

Awareness| We raise your awareness about the rewarding opportunities in cybersecurity.

Mentorship | We match you up with a mentor who will point you in the right direction so you can gain the most from your learning experience.

Early Adoption | We give you access to the tools, people, and other resources to start your career preparation early.

Sustainable Interest | We introduce you to the cybersecurity community to help you with growing those critical professional relationships.

Face to Face | We invite field professionals to share their experience working in specific jobs. We bring hiring managers to the conversation so you can ask them questions about what they look for in perfect candidates.

Ongoing Job Opportunities | We connect you with specialized recruiters to look out for you and help you find the job you will love. They will be with you for the long haul.